Middle aged and confused

by Camie Opulski
(Jericho, VT 05465)

I can relate to many of these what I have been calling, character defects. Currently 55 years old and have learned through out the years that many of these might be related to some disorder, but never quite fit in any one classification. Spouse has some too, dyslexic type difficulties. Both has high intelligence, he is an accomplished artist, I have been a great RN over many years, scored over the top in mechanical/spacial intelligence. Our 21 year old son has had many problems in school, tons with home work and now getting angry, being controlling, food preferences, tactile sensations.

We all have issues with sleep. If we could start there it would be major. We live in Vermont and there are no learning centers, within greater than 100 miles. What can we do?
Camie Opulski

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