Misdiagnosis~until 30

by janet

As a teenager I was diagnosed as having OCD with severe oral fixation. I do have a severe oral fixation. I smoke, I constantly have a piece of gum in my mouth (except while eating), I chew on the insides of my cheeks and lips as well as fingers, and I only chew food on the left side of my mouth. These OCD like behaviors all lack one thing however, because even though I do them all constantly I don't have a distinct rhyme or reason. It's not pathological. Most of all of my activities are based solely on my fear of "dealing with" certain textures and making sure no one finds out. I have taken many anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants to cope. Neither has helped due to the fact that I am unable to sustain from my behaviors. I started looking for different possibilities of my "idiosyncrasies" and discovered SPD and everything fits!

I feel like I have finally found the extra puzzle pieces and learn better ways to cope and thank goodness for this wonderful website that keeps everything in perspective. I now am 30 with a child of my own. I try helping him as much as I can. He is just like me... I feel horrible about "passing this on" but I hope I can offer years of experience and love and support that I know he won't get from other people.

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