by Gemma Styles
(Ipswich QLD)

I still am not sure if this applies to my son or not. My son is quite intelligent and gets bored in class. He is difficult to discipline because he gets hurt and angry and feels unloved when I ban him from TV for even two minutes due to misbehaviour. He chews on his clothes and makes loud noises or soft noises frequently. He doesnt like sleeping under covers even in winter. He gets a bit hyper sometimes and will hit or scratch me in a non-aggressive way almost like a way of connecting. He likes to lick people. He will only let my sister cut his nails. He hates brushing his teeth and hates the peppermint flavour of toothpaste yet loves to eat peppermint ice-cream. He seems itchy a lot. He cannot cope with not getting what he wants and doesn't compute logical reasons for this, such as, I cant get you an icecream because I have no money in my purse. He holds onto hurt. I don't know what is wrong with him. He doesnt seem to fit the complete description of anything. Is it sensory, asperger, ODD or a reaction to me taking on a foster child a couple of years ago or am I just a soft parent?

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Feb 02, 2012
help with sensory issues
by: Anonymous

If possible, have a psychologist weigh in on this. Most of them are qualified to identify sensory issues, and it does sound like he has some. But there are some "easy fixes" that can get you started, just depending on how he reacts to them. I hope you can get some answers, I understand how hard it is when you don't know. Good luck with your search.

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