Mistaking a child with SPD as being a "spoiled brat"

Someone just cued me into this disorder and I found this site. Your writing and stories are great. It is especially meaningful to me because I have a granddaughter that my mother insists is a spoiled brat. I'm like, "No, she's wants to do everything right and has a good heart. She loves being responsible and follows instructions well. I don't even see her as being a predominantly healthy child. Yes, she is picky eater. My fear is that she will have too strong a social conscious--not looking out for herself as she should as she grows up."

My comfort has always been that my daughter and son-in-law treat my granddaughter with respect and work with her on her issues. I am so pleased that they do and this information I am sure be helpful. Thank you all for caring.

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Sep 29, 2010
ignorance is problems
by: Anonymous

is very common that children with sensory impairments or autism spectrum, are considered spoiled children. The parents are blamed for this ignorance and stupidity of those who judge without knowing, it must be fought in every way.

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