Mom need helps

by Dheeraj Goyal


My son will be of 4 Yrs. in the Nov'09. He have the below problems:

1. He shakes his head continuously.
2. He shakes his shoulders.
3. When he is crying, he is hitting his head on floor and making lots of noise.
4. He is holding his both hands very tightly when he is very happy.


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Sep 02, 2009
adding this..
by: Anonymous

I have two kids with spd..they are 18 and 16 and both have learning disabilities. He is young but have him evaluated in all suspected LD's..Good luck. It will be okay.

Sep 02, 2009
It sounds like he..
by: kim

Very well could have a sensory disorder,
what you need to do is get him an appointment with a DEVELOPMENTAL pediatrician.

And read sensational kids and the out of sync child. Also read on-line about autism, so you can rule it out, or you might see things that ring a bell. He just might have ONLY sensory processing, but you need to have him evaluated.

If he is in school, talk to them about having him evaluated.

Good luck hon, i wish you the best!

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