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I think my son has this disorder. He is sensory seeking. Hypersensitive to sounds, and has auditory language processing problems. Where do I begin to get services and what do I ask for specifically?

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Aug 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

how old is your son? If you have insurance you can get him an OT evaluation and a speech and language evaluation. You can request in writing that you want your sons school district to do this. If they refuse, they are breaking the law and you can file a formal complaint. Keep all documentation to and from the school. If you disagree with what the school finds, you can request an IEE be done (an independent evaluation) at the schools expense. Good luck and finding out for sure is a good idea.

Aug 24, 2009
how old is he?
by: kim

Does he have a "Developmental" Pediatrician??
Depending on his age he will need one.
Then that dev. ped, can recommend or write a prescription for Occupational and, or, speech therapy.

Get the books, the out of sync child, and sensational kids!
Between the books, and the therapists, you will figure it out honey!!!!
And also you can ask us any questions you need to!!!

Do you have any sensory things for him in the house AND car??
Trampoline, therapy ball, indoor swing, fidget toys, lap pads.............
You gonna need stuff!! LOL

A very good website I found, for quality and price is, i believe.
A small blow up pool filled with those plastic balls too.
If he likes to rock alot, get him a rocking chair....
My son is an incessant rocker.
Any questions give a shout, good luck sweetie, I know its hard. Kim

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