Mom of 2 boys, one Hypersentive and the other Hypo !?!?

IN SHOCK! I might as well just divide the list in two columns: Hypersensitive column (my 3 year old) and Hyposensitive column (my 1 year 9mnth baby) and just put the names of my kids on top.

My 3 year old son is currently the one that requires more help do to the fact that he has a very severe language deficiency. At first we where going nuts does he or doesn't he has autism!? At last his speech pathologist, who is specialized in autism, said I think this is caused by a sensory disorder rather then being autism, and she explained to me that even do autistic children have sensory disorders it doesn't mean that a child with a sensory disorder has autism, it's different and it tends to be a very common mistake, I was very happy to see that this was explained in this site. She referred my son to the O.T and she concurred with the pathologist, I have seen some amazing changes and improvements in my son since the therapy began.

It caught my attention that when I was filling out a questioner giving to me by the O.T my youngest son came into mind when answering half of the questions! That's when I found this site and was amazed to see this list, that has helped me so much, first to understand the disorder itself and then to understand the differences in it. Thank you!

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Oct 18, 2010
Mum of 3
by: Rhoda

Great site, was recommended this via a friend. Our almost 4yr old daughter seems to fall into both hypo and hyper categories though! Will recommend to friends.

May 23, 2010
i hear ya
by: marisa

2 of our sons are on opposite ends as well. Our 4 year old has sensory only and our 9 year old has HFA as well. I do therapy at home with them and it takes a little longer since they have different needs. This is a great site!

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