Mom of 2 SPD Kid (Opposite Ends of the Spectrum)

by Fiona Tavernier
(Orinda, CA)

I was a picky eater and now my daughter is also a picky eater, so I get it. I make whatever I am already making for the family but leave off the strong spices and seasonings. Any pasta is served without the sauce, chicken is roasted or sauteed with salt. Vegs. are all roasted with olive oil and salt. No onions, no garlic, no sauce. Meat is usually chopped very small. I only put very small portions on her plate as she is put off by large portions. She is almost 8 and eats portions the size that a toddler eats.

Yogurt is only smooth, no fruit at the bottom. Juice is only thin, no smoothies. I always offer a tiny taste of a new food on her plate before I put the white carbohydrate on the plate. This is when she is hungriest. My approach is to serve her the same food as the rest of the family, but in its simplest form which conveys the expectation that she will not eat special meals. She must eat what everyone else eats, while we respect her sensitivity to taste and texture. This ensures she is eating the same healthy food I serve to everyone else and not special junkie chicken nuggets, ramen, hot dogs or convenience foods that I worry contribute to unhealthy eating habits. (Ok, we have some IKEA meatballs in the freezer). She is really improving. She eats lentils now. That is kind of an odd food for a lot of kids and she loves them!

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