Mom of 4 yr old boy

by kim

I'm reading "The Out of Sync Child" right now. My son's pediatrician suggested it at his 3 yr well child visit after I expressed concern to her about some his odd behaviors, including, his adamant refusal to wear red underwear. Has anybody noticed anything like this with their child that has SPD?

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Dec 26, 2010
sensory preferences of "out-of-sync" kids
by: Carol Kranowitz

Kids with -- and without -- Sensory Processing Disorder sure can be fussy about clothes! Maybe their most comfortable clothes are a certain color, so that color becomes the only color ... or a set of uncomfortable underwear was red, so red becomes a Not-OK color. Of all the battles we have with our kids, clothing battles are the least important. All kids need a sense of control of SOMETHING, especially when they struggle all day long to control their movements or behavioral responses to sensory input. On another note, if you'd like some ideas for activities to distract kids and get them moving, please see my new book, co-authored with Joye Newman. The book is, "Growing an In-Sync Child: Simple, Fun Activities to Help Every Child Develop, Learn and Grow." See our website,

Dec 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

My son is that way about colors in things. He likes black and white shirts and thats all I can get him to wear! I just found out he has SPD through a program called Child Find that tests preschoolers to see if they are behind.

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