Mom of 4&1/2 yr old son with SPD

We are so blessed to have a phenomenal preschool that helped us find an OT specializing in SPD for kids. Our son has made great progress from listening therapy. I don't see any info about this here but we are really seeing major changes due to this wonderful therapy. He listens twice daily and changes CDs every 2 weeks. The special CDs are expensive but our OT lets us rent them along with the special headphones.

Some improvements have been trying new foods, taking a shower, going in the water at the beach, immediate handwriting success - writes words and the alphabet in order, able to overcome total meltdown situations at school when overloaded, does not cover his ears nearly as often as before (this was main reason for doing listening) and just overall able to live life a little easier.

This OT has really found her calling with this specialty. She is so great at it! It's a drive for us but has really been worth it. So, I don't know how many therapists are using this but it's great for auditory and just all of the social withdrawal issues assoc. with SPD. Also for calming there is the Miracle Belt now which is very easy to carry around and quick to put on. This helps when his "engine is reved" and needs to be on idle!

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Jun 24, 2008
What IS Listening Therapy?
by: Kia

Wow. It really sounds like I need to find out more about listening therapy. My son is apparently a lot like yours. He has difficulty keeping his printing legible, he constantly is covering his ears, and absolutely refuses to eat any new foods. His diet has become so limited that I'm becoming worried about his general health. If not for multiple vitamins, I'm sure he wouldn't be getting the nutrients he needs.

So what is Listening Therapy and how does it work? Sorry for my ignorance, but my son has just recently been diagnosed and will not start therapy for another 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance!

Jun 23, 2008
Listening Therapy & SPD
by: Anonymous

We tried Listening Therapy for my daughter. It was a total disaster. Whether it was the program, or the fault of the practitioner, I can't say for certain. I believe our OT had been schooled to use the program in a one-size-fits-all manner.

After a meltdown of operatic proportions -far beyond anything I'd ever seen - my daughter lost three years of academic and emotional progress. However, there is good news.

We found an Audiologist who was schooled in Samonas Therapy. (Listening Therapy uses Samonas CD's, but their own protocol.) Whereas the original OT had daughter listen for 30 minutes a day, the Audiologist started her at 15 SECONDS a day. After that I saw huge gains in her ability to organize herself and not be overwhelmed by multi-faceted tasks.

So, I recommend you investigate auditory therapy, but be careful. If your child is highly sensitve, they will not respond the same way most others do.

Blessings on you!

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