Mom of 7 yr old Son supsect SPD

by Lisa
(Ontario Canada)

My son is an amazing loving boy however his whole life has been suffering with various issues which seemed to me over time out of the norm. Sever eczema as a child constant crying non sleeper till last year. Sever food, environmental, chemical, seasonal allergies and sensitivities. Diagnosed last year with a rare immune disorder cancer like condition LCH (langerhan Cell histyociosis) and under went chemo for it. He has always been slow to warm, horrible with change, outbursts over so many random things that go from being normal to out of control. Lots of fear and anxiety, sensitive to touch, smells, temperature, crowds, school has been a nightmare and we don;t know why until reading up on this disorder which I keep being blamed for his anxiety. Our world revolves around his mood or wanting to go somewhere or not. I feel like I am giving in a lot to keep the peace.

Lately he is chewing on everything and actually said he needs a chew toy. i feel he needs tyo learn things slowly and not o much information. he gets tired so easily and easily frustrated overwhelmed. going to school takes everything out of him he is a different child when he is there verses at home. He loves to learn and at home he wants to learn so much. but at school he comes home angry he is afraid of getting in trouble so hes an angel there but holds it in till he gets home then he is lazy and unmotivated. he is naked boy all the time. he has become very aggressive and angry hitting us sometimes so randomly but then feels bad and calls himself a monster which is sad because he is far from it. I love him so much I feel like this may give us hope and hoping we can find someone to work with. Thank you. I am tired of being blamed for things I have no control over. The school has been awful not listening to his needs and doesn't believe me or him. I know he won;t get help unless he is diagnosed so praying for an answer.It will be great to know how to help him and us have a normal happy life. At times its not happy or fun. I love him and he deserves to be happy.

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