Mom of an SPD 13 y.o. son

by Donna Riley
(Minot ND)

So my 13 y.o. son has SPD, finally getting the diagnoses was relieving. He also is ADHD, OCD, ODD, mood disorder and has severe anxiety. Still to this day we learn something new everyday. The latest we have learned is that our pugs toenails on the uncarpeted floor will send him over the edge. I still try to figure out daily how can this be easier for him. Through the years we have done counseling out of the home and in. Done multiple rounds also of therapies, mostly Occupational and have had very routine checkups with the Doc. He has always had an IEP at school and he is now in the 7th grade.

Somedays I feel like I am not getting anywhere or am being helpful to him and then when we find a solution to one of his "issues" I feel like I have conquered the world. His dad (my husband) and his nana are very active in his daily life. May I say I am very lucky to have moms help and with him being a nanas boy it really does help. Every day we start over and try not to let yesterdays problems be reminded of.

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