Mom of Gavin

by Megan leary
(Dallas texas)

Well my son is 8 Ina half months old and only weighs 15lbs and 10 ounces. He has always had a problem with eating. Breast milk was a problem so we switche to formula and finding the right one took us over 2 weeks because he refused everything. We finally found a recipe that you make that's all organic and its from goats milk powder. He liked it at first but then it seemed to get old. He's only ever drank 2 oz at a time since the time he was born. He's not interested at all in the bottle. We can feed him while he's asleep or watching a video and he'll drink several more than 2 ounces but it's a struggle every day.

Now that he can eat baby food, it's turning into a nightmare even more. He's not wanted to drink anything and is so picky about his food. He's not delayed in any way. He's crawling, babbling, smiling, and is very aware of everything. He doesn't laugh though and this is also a concern of mine. I've been to two pediatrician a and they keep saying it's not a big deal but if they saw what I go through for just one day with my son they would know something isn't right.

Also, he is weird about cuddling. He pushed us away at 7 months when we tried to rock him to bed and now every fight he wants to go in the swing. He refuses to let us rock him because he hates being restrained on his back like that. He hates kisses but is warming up to them and I keep scratching his back and giving him love every day. I can see a little progress but no much. He hates He hates things or people being in his face. He always wants to be held with his back to my chest so he can see what's going on if we go anywhere. I over analyze everything, I have my entire life so most would think I'm crazy but I feel like there is a real issue here and I'm hoping someone can help. It's become my norm caring for Gavin the way I do but my sister recently just visited and I was reminding how un normal it is with an outsider looking in. It made me cry that this is my life now.

I just need some closure and some help on what to do next. I'm so fearful he might get sick and then what? Will he whither away? It's just so much for me to handle and all the comments about his size. He's still in 3 month baby clothes. Any answers or ideas would be so helpful. Thanks for your time.

Megan leary

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