Mom of spd kiddo

Wow, as a mom you are probably the best resource out there. Thank you for your post. I am often told by my mom, my husband etc that I should stop making my son go to OT, hippo, etc and just let him be a kid. I often wonder if I am doing what's best for him. That is my main purpose. I want to help him all that I can. He is extremely smart like you. He remembers everything. He knew his colors and alphabet even without us teaching him. He is 2 now. He is amazing. But he has many behavior problems that I attribute to sensory issues. His OT is not very good often times just giving him a puzzle to play with. He has issues with loud restaurants, family functions with many people, being washed in the bath, putting on lotion, sitting in a stroller, high chair, basket, being hugged or kissed

Glad to hear u turned out so well. It gives me hope.

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