Mom with very complicated beautiful girl who still has not been fully dianosed

by tammy albritton
(lexington, ky. usa)

My daughter is now 10. She was born DOA and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy it took 7 years to find out what types of palsy she has, she is quadriplegic. We have always known she has had sensory issues but therapists and doctors say it is from her palsy, I have done as much research as I can find and always ask parents and professionals about things I find, alot of times I get blown off, the other day my oldest daughter met a lady who has a son with spd and autism and my daughter got this web site from her,it is like I am in heaven, I can check 2/3 of every category on the check list for my child and now I can move forward and actually get the help she so desperately needs.

I home school her and have for the last 4 years because the schools did not know what to do for her or with her, she is very intelligent but cannot process things correctly it takes and long time of repetition to get through to her, I was told she would be in a wheel chair all her life and wouldnt be able to read or write, but I wouldnt accept that and she gets around our house crawling and can do all kinds of things, and she now reads at a 2nd grade level and can write at a 2nd grade level,

I still have not found a way to get through to her on math, does anyone have any suggestions for me? I just want my child to be the best she can be and be able to have a good life and be as independent as she can. This site helps soooo much!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 01, 2012
not fully diagnosed.
by: marjory glasgow U,K

Hi sounds to me like you are on the correct path. I have learned that professionals are not always right. Infact most times they are far from it.
Does your child have problems with loud noises if yes have a look at TOMATIS programme, this helped my son no end. He too had probs with holding on to information and memory, what a difference since we completed this. Also the coloured lenses, this also helps with processing. I dont think the glasses have been professionally proven to work, but they do help my child, and as we all know. We try anything that might help.
I wish you well and hope the future is bright for your family.

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