by Kimberly
(Evansville, IN, USA)

My son was tentatively diagnosed with ADD and most likely Aspergers. I began sensory work with him, especially lots of heavy work. I worked with an OT and did many hours a day work at home with him. We delayed kindergarten a year. He brought home a perfect report card and his behavior has been great. The teacher worked with the schools OT and worked out ways to help him in the classroom. He is making friends like the other kids now, he follows directions, and picks up on facial expressions and jokes now.

I believe the sensory processing problems would have led to a diagnosis of Aspergers had we not done such intense sensory work at such an early age. I believe the attention problems are caused by sensory issues as well. I too have sensory issues that create problems with attention and coordination. My issues have improved by doing sensory work with him. I think it is a diagnosis on it's own that can lead to sometimes, but not always lead to an incorrect diagnoses.

Observing in the classroom I see sensory needs not being met for other kids who may eventually be labeled ADHD. He was born with sensory problems, it was obvious even as an infant. I'm glad we had a great OT and that I had the time and ability to do so much with him.

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