by Laurie

Hello Anyone who can help me. 25 years ago my son was diagnosed with (Somotodydyspraxia) (Hope I spelled it correctly). When my son was 5, he was sent to occupational therapy at the end of his therapy sessions the therapist sent us home with a list of various exercises to do at home. My son made progress with his motor skills. But something was still not right. He hated showers and running water over his face.

Also my son had problems sorting things out such as motor skills tasks and the way he thought. When telling him something to do, he couldn't sort out the task in his mind. I don't know if that makes sense but here is an example, when he was a teen and learning to drive we would give my son driving lessons and explain what to do first, Such as adjusting the seat, buckle up seat belt, and turning on the ignition. He couldn't take directions from us, and had to stop and think to sort it out in his mind. He had to keep trying until it was almost habit. We had to do it one step at a time. He is 30 now and drives. But there is still something not right with how he thinks. He gets frustrated and angry then gives up. I think because he cannot sort out the task.

Someone please guide to someone or someplace that can help an adult.

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