by Tammy G
(Sebago maine )

I have a 7 year old son. He was born addicted to methadone.

He, in the past ,came up with ways himself to meet his needs of sensory input. He was doing anything physical, push ups pull ups, running,jumping. When he'd sit on the mat for story time he couldn't do it so he'd go off by himself and do some push ups then come back to the group ready to learn. He was so dis regulated the first year of school he couldn't learn and with each new growth spurt his needs change for what he is looking for for input.

Now he is in first grade and dis regulated again and his teachers are woefully unprepared to help him find a new strategy to help him be regulated. Because his self taught strategies are no longer working. They are waiting for him to come up with his own.

Meanwhile his body is so out of sink he's unable to absorb what is being taught and he's back to flailing his hands, rubbing them together, putting his hands into fists and needing his area beside his groin muscles - which he has done since he was 6 mos old. All of this goes away when he has the input he needs from other sources.

Is there information out there on what else we could try for that deep tissue input? Weighted vests, compression shirts vibrating chairs etc. don't work.

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