I know a teacher who wants to hand out the brushes to moms of kids on the spectrum with sensory issues. I know she is not an OT, and is fully versed on the technique, she did it on my daughter when she was younger, so I have no question about her abilities, she is wanting to purchase some of the brushes to hand out to parents at a meeting she holds once a month, so the children can get some of the benefits at home as well as at school.

My concern is, is there any danger to the children receiving the therapy by the moms, at home, through the instruction of this teacher. WHO IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD. She helped my daughter in preschool and gave her so many gifts, her patience, kindness , experience, and love is DIRECTLY responsible for her success today, several years later. Her competence is not the issue but the ability to have the parents doing it correctly is my concern.

Do you have any information to offer me to gently pass on to her, or should I leave it alone and just pass on the information on how to get the brushes and not concern myself? HELP , I want to protect the children as well as the teacher, whom I KNOW has no idea of the possible ramifications of doing the therapy incorrectly. Please respond ASAP, as she is wanting to get the brushes NOW, thanks in advance for your honestly and discretion on this issue, sincerely, A concerned Mom!

Please email me at so I can follow up with you in case I misplace your web address, hope to hear back from you soon, Mom

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May 23, 2010
Teacher's ok
by: Lily

I'm an OT and I attended a talk by the famous Carol Stock-kranowitz. She said that Wilbarger could be modified and I am getting great results.

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