Mommy that lady stinks!

by Joy Sorrells
(Thomaston, Ga)

Trevor  age 5

Trevor age 5

Well I know that sensory problems in Trevor were par for the course in his life. But today, while standing in line at Wal-mart with a cart full of food, Trevor my 5 year old tugs my shirt and says out loud "Mommy that lady stinks!" I said, "Trevor, shhhh you don't say those things, they're not nice. He said, "Mommy that lady does stink!"

By this time the lady had turned and was staring a hole through me. I said again and more stern, "Trevor we do not say things like that!" He started holding is nose and saying, "she stinks" over and over. Then he paused and said, "why Mommy don't people want to know if they stink?"

I then said, "excuse me please" as I backed my cart up and moved to another line. The woman was wearing too much perfume I think, and it really bothered him. I was so embarrassed and Trevor was just pleased to be away from the woman and breathing again.

As we were walking to our car the lady that was behind us before we moved to another line stopped us in the parking lot and she said to Trevor, "that's not all young man, her purse was ugly too!

I just stood there like, "OK".

Then I said, "come on Trevor we have to go now"!

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Nov 03, 2008
You made me Laugh Trevor Thank you
by: Jeannie

I really enjoyed your story. I am very sensitive to smells too even as an adult. Your son seems like a sheer delight to have. Cherish every moment. Thanks again for your story.

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