Mother in need of HELP

by Ginger
(Allentown pa)

19 yr. old PDD-autistic boy screaming every time anyone talks!! Started small and escalated quickly to out of control. Working with local agencies. Of course there is a waiting list for everything!! Due to his age, there aren't alot of services in our area. Seen psychiatrist who said he could sedate him? This is NOT what we are looking for!!

Looking for help of things we could try to calm him. I realize we should be utilizing OT and other professionals? But I need help in the short term. I'm terrified that if I can't find something to soothe him somewhat I will lose me job. I have had to leave work or call into work several days over the past month due to increased problems with care givers in my home. My family is providing care over the summer but they simply can't handle him. I would quit my job tomorrow and do whatever I needed to help him. I simply don't know what to do?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Prayers for SOMEONE to get him into some type of therapy program! Please understand 3 months ago these behaviors were not present! We have been to famy Dr. Twice and neurologist and 2 visits to an autism HUB in our area! He was currently not in therapy because they were not indicated anymore. Nothing has changed with his health other than puberty which I know can cause all sorts of issues with these kids. I just need some soothing ideas!! Please help!!

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Aug 22, 2013
Sound sensitivity
by: Reg Reynolds

You could try noise-cancelling headphones. Then you need the help of na ABA therapist .

Aug 21, 2013
ideas ??
by: Tiffany

I just wanted to let you know that I totally know how you feel, although on a smaller scale. My son is 9 w/ Autism and one day he's fine, the next day a new behavior "pops " up, and no clue as to why. I'm in California, and as you said, there is a waiting list for everything, so in the meantime , we have to figure out things on our own , very sad . Is your son non- verbal ? Are people talking in a normal tone ? Can you think of the smallest detail that may " set him off " ? I know with my son, sometimes I know why he is upset, and sometimes I have no idea. Just know that you are not alone , I will post back on this site after I've had a bit of time to think of any ideas to help calm/ sooth your son, hang in there.

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