Mother - Natural/Holistic Health

by Mary Ann Miller
(Little Rock, AR )

My name is Mary Ann Miller and I am the 60 year old Mother of an eight year old, Cali Jo, who was diagnosed with SSS/Sensory Processing Disorder six months ago. Since then I have been searching out avenues to help her. I am in a health and wellness networking group which was founded by Andre Beaudoin, a gold metal paralympian, Healing Farms-Awareness Network, in Little Rock, AR. (you can find my contact info on the Healing Farms site) One of the members told me about a product that he was using that accelerates the bodys natural production of a sulphur based anti-oxidant found in the mitochondrion of the cells.

If I am reading the materials right then this natural anti-oxidant would be deficient in many women of child bearing age...hence their children. It appears that this natural anti-oxidant is a key factor in cellular integrity...given the fact that most neuro/muscular diseases start in utero there may be a link here.

Researching this I also noticed that very few scientific studies addressed the fact that almost every living being is contaminated with toxic chemicals that would greatly affect the integrity of the cells. Since this natural anti-oxidant can be increased, (lab test provide documentation of a 200% increase)then I think we may have an element of help here. Since synapses is key in the processing of information and sulpur is key in the integrity of collagen and the cells then I am hoping that the accellerator that I was introduced to will help in establishing a more stable circuit for Cali Jo. There is information that this accelerator is being used by doctors and therapist already and that it is also being recommended for patients with Lymes and other diseases.

For more information or contacts in Arkansas please contact me at: www.pleroma_maryann at We must also petition our legislators for mandatory testing and "viable" interventions within the public school systems. Drugging our kids is not the answer!

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Dec 24, 2009
Natural Cures
by: Mary Ann Miller

Natural cures are not quick fixes and in some case may not be viable solutions. But in most, if not all cases they are the primary key in health and wellness. Even medical doctors recognize the significance of natural remedies. Their viewpoint is multi-faceted because they know that almost all pharmaceuticals are nothing more than lab created replica's of what nature has already provided. And they also know that like all things....including diamonds....lab created cures may be more abundant, but they may also be worthless or even worse because they come with many serious contra-indications and adverse effects.

These life threatening effects are rarely present in natural remedies. There are many more than 500,000 deaths a year due to medical/pharmaceutical errors.....that statistic is not found in the use of natural/holistic remedies which is exactly why many hospitals are now using energy healing,vibrational sound,color,infrared light, aromatherapy and other natural cures in their healing protocals.

There is a time and a place for everything. Pharmaceutical drugs have there place, but statistics prove that we are living in a drugged nation which has in turned created many biological/physiological anomalies. Autism and other neurological diseases are on the rise, not just due to an increase in population and reporting, but also due to the fact the studies shown in the past few decades newborns have been born with hundreds of foreign substances in their tiny bodies. Toxic chemicals not natural to the development of a normal fetus. This proves that the parents and their environment are also toxic.

Our bodies are not chemical waste dumps....they were originally created as finely tuned electro-magnetic, water-mineral based vessels of life. Humanity in its' frantic egotistic drive to move ahead has failed to realize the omnipotence of nature and the wrath that it yields when ignored. We are now living with the results of that ignorance. Continuing on the same path will only lead to the same results....the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Things must change. Combining medical technology with complimentary alternatives is not is brilliance. Holistic!

Dec 24, 2009
Scientific Research First
by: Anonymous

Research done scientifically to measure treatments and outcomes should be the first thing. There are many "natural" treatments that do not work. Natural does not cure everything, nor does medication.

Environmental health researchers are very interested in looking for answers.

Our American diets are increasing obesity and I'm sure other things as well. We need to stop the processed foods and go back to basics and regulate new chemicals that have been created and not tested.

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