Mother of child with Aspergers and SPD

Absolutely. I've read the books and it described him perfectly ( in way too many areas).

His OT is coming up with a sensory diet for him to use at school.
So he has been evaluated for OT, which is a start.

Example, of why i feel it is true:

I asked my son to take off his pants, which i have seen him do, when he wants them off after the bathroom,... sometimes.

I had asked him several times to take them off, but he didn't even acknowledge me or even give me a look.

So i went over to him, sat on the floor, grabbed him in a deep hug, rocked him back and forth at the same time, (he is an incessant rocker, not headbanger), for about 2-4 mins.

I let him get up, he walked away, and from where i was on the floor, again,...... i said,... "shane take your pants off"
He took them off immediately, without even an issue......................

Usually if he does acknowledge me, he says he CANT, or has some story, hes 5yrs. old.
But he totally complied after the input
I couldnt believe it, so i tried it again, with putting on his pajamas, which is always an issue, and darn it..., it worked exactly the same way.
I had obviously waited a little while before i had tried it again,...... IT WORKED!!!!!

I told my friend who works in an adult group home for people with asd's and other mental disabilities, and she told me about this one guy and his non compliance and he sounded like he had sensory issues, so i told her to try it, and she said" IT WORKED!!!!!!"
The proof is in the pudding, LOL

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