Mother seeking answers to help my son.

by Sherilyn St. Louis
(Nashua, NH)

My son was diagnosed just before 2 years of age with Global Developmental Delays. He is now 4.5 and since then I have had him in Speech, Occupational therapies. He goes through cycles of progress and regress. He does well, terrible and then extremely well which will result in a spiral downward.

For the past year I have been feeling like there is something more neurological that is going on that I am not aware of. His constant need for deep pressure such as hugging, him under many pillows, crashing in pillows, his over stimulation to the point where he will hide under the kitchen table during family get-togethers. I just feel like there is more that I am missing and want to be able to advocate and help him to the best of my ability but cannot if I don't know what it is that is going through is little brain!!

I have completed this checklist and there were so many mentioned that I thought my son was the only one who did so. Although I cannot upload it or past it because it contains too many characters.

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