Mother to ten year old son who has TS/OCD/ADD and many symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder

My son was diagnosed with TS/OCD and ADD when he was eight years old. However, the symptoms of Sensory disorder actually showed up from the time he was old enough to began to eat with a spoon. He wouldn't let the food touch his lips, he would scrap the spoon or fork with his teeth.

He is now ten and has many other symptoms, but thus far the doctors haven't commented on his sensory issues. He refuses certain socks because they drive him crazy depending on where the seam is. He refuses any shirt with a collar, they bug him and he can't stand it. In pre-school he refused to play with finger-paints and still can't stand to touch messy or mushy things.

During the 2nd grade, he actually threw up in the cafeteria because of kids mixing their food together and sights such as this really make him sick. He can't eat mashed potatoes (I'm guessing because of he texture), makes him gag. He can eat spaghetti, but scraping it off the plate into the trash won't happen, the sight makes him gag (my niece learned this the hard way, she kept him and insisted that he clean his own plate, she is now a believer). He eats chicken, spagettii (even canned), roast beef, hamburgers (just recently), apples, strawberries, eggs, and a few different junk foods. He loves milk and will drink a pepsi if he is allowed one, but doesn't like any fruit juice. He refuses all vegetables and I hoping that will change someday.

I thought you might find it interesting to note that while TS (Tourette's Syndrome has long been believed to be hereditary and I do have a sister with this disorder, she also has many sensory issues. Is it also possible for Sensory Processing disorder to be passed on to our children?

I want to say thank you to those of you who take the time to develop sites such as these to help parents, educators and even doctors develop a better understanding of their patients and possible treatment options.

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