Mother trying to figure out 6 year old son

by dawn
(fort gratiot)

I have known for years that my son Caleb is "different." He was a very fussy baby; didn't like being laid on his stomach or back..always wanted to be held and jiggled. He spit u[ all the time. Had many tantrums at 1- 2 y/o. Didn't talk until almost 4 and extremely difficult to potty train. Cognitively behind for his age. He is smart..can read well, do math, but has inattention problems in class. His tantrums have gotten worse the last 5 months or so. He is sensitive to light, touch and noise. He will only eat certain foods..most of them being pasta. He smells things to determine if he likes them or not. He dresses in pants and long sleeves on hot days and says he isn't hot. He covers up with blankets ALL the time. He is inappropriate at times, lately touching me in the chest.

He is bold and forward with strangers and just people in general, talks out of turn, changes the subject, answers incorrectly. He eats A LOT and often wants second helpings only to not eat it. He is constantly hungry and thirsty. Urinates frequently to the point I thought he was diabetic. I am beyond understanding what is wrong and his outburst are on my last nerve. He often needs discipline, but doesn't "learn" from it and does it over and over and over again. And on top of all this I recently found out he is in early puberty! Anyone else experience these problems??

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