by Ann Conover

My daughter is 10 and we have been battling severe clothing issues for years now,This year she wears Lands Ends Adult swim suit cover up with a tee shirt under it.I bought one in every color they sold!She will only wear crocks without socks and just recently started wearing underwear for school!

AS far as summer went it was the same Lands ends suit all summer.The soft stay at home socks she will wear occasionally,such as when she went to the slide zone for a party. Lands Ends has been a big help with clothing issues. good luck it does get easier. A MOM STILL LEARNING.

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Mar 24, 2010
by: UK Mum

I know exactly what you mean. Its all the more heartbreaking when they get to this teenage stage. I worry so much about my daughter getting picked on for wearing her 'comfy clothes'. Heartbreaking is such a good word to describe it. I can well believe that your daughter is insightful, intelligent and all those wonderful things, sensory issues are often wrongly associated with learning difficulties and puts them in the path of bullying.

My daughter is very intelligent, often top of her class but we have to fight ignorance constantly from people who dont get it. Its a shame, but we can find hope in the knowledge that our children will absolutely not feel the need to judge others and will be much more inclusive in their attitudes in later life as a by product of their own experiences.

Dec 22, 2009
flat seam, tagless sensory clothing
by: Jessica

I am a special education teacher and started a clothing company for kids with sensory clothing issues. We just launched--and so far the feedback has been great from parents and kids. You can find us at Also, we have resources on our blog and social network to help find therapeutic methods to help with sensory sensitivity. I hear from hundreds of parents weekly who struggle with this issue and for whom mornings are especially challenging--hopefully we can help!

Dec 06, 2009
solving the problem
by: Anonymous

hello all,

I have a success story and I think that it is fair to share it with you all.

My husband's son has always had a sensory processing disorder - not diagnosed but the symptoms are all there and very drastic.
I started with some messy activities such as baking to get him used to sticky stuff on his hands. We also used gardening to this benefit.

I met him at the age of 5. He is now 8.

The clothing issue is very difficult because his mother has a tendency to let him wear whatever he likes - track pants (one pair) and one or two of his teeshirts.

After a lot of reading I have come to believe this in not the solution. He spent two months with me this summer and this is what I did.

Every morning I would lay out two sets of clothing. Then I would set the timer on and give him ten minutes to dress. He knew that if he didn't chose I would chose for him and force the clothing on him.

That is what I had to do for the first two days.
It was terrible but although he was screaming I would drag him out of the house towards a store or a market, in public basically, and he would stop crying (but hate me). He would soon forget how bad the clothing was and the next day that became his favorite clothing.

But the next day he wouldn't have those cloths among his options. Two more sets of clothing. Other choices and another struggle.

Every day he got used to a new piece of clothing.
If I couldn't go out I would give him an activity to engage in and distract himself.

By the end of the first two weeks he was dressing himself and wearing all his clothing. He doesn't like it. Be sure of this. But he knows I am in charge and he can't get out of it.

At the change of every season he has new problems. Long sleeves, long pants, jackets.
And at every season his mother sends him with his new clothing because I have the strength to help him. I encourage you all to try. It is heartbreaking but believe me they are happy and proud of themselves with time.

This little boy tells the school psychiatrist that he hates wearing new clothes but that he is proud once he manages to. It is hard. I can tell you more about my story if you like. I read this blog once in a while.

Nov 23, 2009
have you tried listening therapy
by: Anonymous

my daughter who is almost 14 did listening therapy and went to ot once a week and started wearing new cloths and jeans and underwear after we got involved with swing for the stars in concord nh

Nov 22, 2009
Thank you for sharing.
by: elena

My daughter is wearing the same t-shirts she has for years now. I know that absolutely nobody at school understands. She gets made fun of, it breaks my heart. I am trying to explain to her that it's a sensory issue. Now I am looking into treatment, she's 13 and people are making fun of her old t-shirts. For some odd reason, she accepted to buy new bluejeans this summer, she is wearing only one pair, I already stitched the holes twice...sometimes I just feel desperate. But she's so intelligent and insightful...a lot of qualities...I love her spirit.

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