by alicia corrine harrison
(pierre south dakota usa)

I have a 4yr. old son that has spd and for yrs. was told he was fine and that i was being overprotective because i was a new mom.I have been fighting for him since he was a baby and am trying to learn all about his disorder and how to best help him and be his biggest advocate. He was diagnosed last yr so it has been a battle for me and him not knowing all this time why he was not progressing like other children and why things seemed hard for him. He has alot of symptoms from all the dysfunctions associated with the disorder but he is a fighter and has made amazing progress in the last yr and has started talking alot and can be understood so much better. he is an amazing boy with limitless potential and can and will achieve whatever dreams he has. I want to tell other parents to fight and never give up and that it there will be hard days but its all worth it in the end. Be your childs biggest supporter.

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