Mrs Deborah Toombs

I think the check list is brilliant. My son is now 8 and a half and we have been trying to get a diagnosis for him since he was 3 and a half. The school only seam to notice a few things but not the strong things we notice he has been tested for autism - aspergers but they have just said that it isnt that and the he has sensory and anxiety issues, the psychologist also believes that he may have Dyslexia (like me) and/ or Dyspraxia. I still believed that he showed all the signs for aspergers but coming on here I see that alot of those signs are on here and other things that he does / has are on here too such as always having diarrhea and not reccognising when he needs the loo.

Thank you for your help in helping me to understand this condition. We are now waiting for the pediatrition to give us the diagnosis / information as the Clinical phycologist said that she cant it has to go through the pediatrition, but is going to give us some information that will help us. Glad that we are finaly getting somewhere and some help for us with our lovely son.

Reading the list I see alot of myself on there also and may ask the doctor about it as I have always found it difficult and extremely uncomfortable to have eye contact with someone and also some other things.

Thanks again a brilliant website.

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