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(Chicago, Illinois)

My question is, if it is not real why are there so many OT's out there trying to help the all the kids like my daughter who is now 16 and finally diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction. After being told she has generalized anxiety and after four years of psychological therapy that was going nowhere we finally found answers in an OT testing center by recommendation of her current psychologist none the less! This was our last cry for help and with the information they provided we realize now that her anxiety goes hand on hand with her other issues including what we thought was just behavioral.

We are finally starting to get results with the OT, more results than all the years of psyco-therapy she had! Even her psycologist himself announced that he was getting nowhere with her, but the first 3 weeks with an Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist have brought more improvement than anybody could before.

We can finally have the beginning of a better relationship with our child because now we understand her disabilities more than ever before. I have seen her smile more lately than I have in years and now we have hope again that she can be functional on her own and go away to college like she always dreamed!

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Oct 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

True, they can be expensive, but in certain circumstances I think they can be a blessing if used in short term and learn as much as you can yourself to further help your child. In the case of my child, she was a teen when she was diagnosed and the hardest thing was to be able to find anyone to help her since most of what is out there is meant for younger children. We have seen our child bloom at school and at home because we are all more aware and in tune with her needs and we have her OT to thank!

Oct 26, 2010
Occupational Therapist

Sensory disorders are subjective when reporting so it is easy to keep seeing children without having the insurance companies cite lack of progress. On of my clients referred to the OT as "their $100 playmate". OT's make a lot of money with this route.

Jan 30, 2010
Free Sound Therapy
by: Steven Michaelis

You may be interested to check out the Free Sound Therapy Home Programme available from Sensory Activation Solutions. Their Auditory Activation Method builds on the pioneering work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (Tomatis method) and Dr. Guy BĂ©rard (Auditory Integration Training) and has been specifically developed with the aim to improve sensory processing, interhemispheric integration and cognitive functioning. It has helped many children and adults with a wide range of learning and developmental difficulties, ranging from dyslexia, dyspraxia and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder to sensory processing disorders and autism. It is not a cure or medical intervention, but a structured training programme that can help alleviate some of the debilitating effects that these conditions can have on speech and physical ability, daily behaviour, emotional well-being and educational or work performance.

There is no catch, it's absolutely free and most importantly often effective. Check it out at:

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