Mrs Paula Lopez

I am 62 years old at this time and for the past 2 years have noticed that touching or just the thought of touching any type of cloth,, clothing, furniture ,, diapers ect sends me into what feels like torture..

Thinking back to childhood I can remember that just making my bed and trying to smooth out the sheets made my skin crawl,,, I would get and still do get goosebumps and the hair on my body becomes like its electrified,, I cannot explain all the feelings that occurs as they are almost unexplainable,, all I can say is it's one of the most uncomfortable and almost terrifying experiences ever.. I actually thought all that went away when I was a child but over the last 2 years has returned with a vengeance ..I've been laughed at many times because I am not able to complete chores and at times activities that I truly enjoy... I thought that I was alone in this feeling until finding your site... I am just glad I'm not walking this walk alone

Thank You Paula

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