Mrs Rodowicz

My son is 5 yrs old and has just been diagnosed with having proprioception disorder. After years of hearing negative things about him and upset of thinking what am I doing wrong. I tried so many different ways to get people to understand that there was something just not quite right but got no support through health visitors and nursery!!

I finally went to the G.P. and he referred me to the community pead. It was from this that I got referrals to all health care professionals. When the physio and OT assessed him it was apparent that he struggled in so many area's that you took for granted your child would be able to do. They continued to assess him and have now diagnosed him with this. They are coming into his school weekly and are fantastic with the help and support needed.

I have struggled for such a long time and feel upset to find my child has this, but also relieved that there is now some help available for him and us as parents. We can now try to help and understand what he is going through.

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