Ms Catrin Tamburini

by Catrina


I just wanted to say thanks for the insight you have given me and the resources outlined to help me in my research into Sensory Processing Dysfunction. My 3 year old is having difficulties at day care and fortunately the Director is very proactive and has also steered me in the direction of seeking assistance ( I am a bit curious if it is purely for my childs benefit or also for hte extra funding she is seeking for care hours for a number of children at the centre). I am confused though because my pediatrician who I trust above all others does not seem to think there is an obvious issue though is being supportive and referred us for a Multidisciplinary team session, which has now started the ball rolling. I must say it is very overwhelming and I don't seem to get a straight answer from anyone as yet...

This is not my first child I also have an 18 year old and a 16 half year old, and I don't think there is much difference between my kids, other than personalities, they are generally good kids. We have our normal issues (teenagers!!!) but as a whole I am quite pleased with them and am frequently told by others how fortunate Iam to have such a good relationship with them and how honest, polite, reliable & responsible they are....

Anyway, I thank you again for the insight and the suggestions.

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