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my son has had issues with shoes socks and labels on the back of his clothes, his dad died to suicide when he was a baby so I have been hyper sensitive to his emotional state but only now realising that I have until today been in denial that my son has SPD,only this morning I blew because again the top I gave him and the socks weren't right and I asked him do they not feel right or is it in his head that they don't feel right.

I must have known deep down that my son couldn't help this behaviour, where do I go from here as I will go to the ends of the earth to help my son, I am heartbroken I didn't cop on sooner because he is my life.

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May 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

I probably haven't said this all the way I wanted it to come out, but I feel that I want to share the knowledge I have obtained over my life about dealing with SPD.

I am 14 and have SPD. I have found over the years (with support from my mom) that I can be normal and I now go to a gifted school.

Clothes are one of the battles that must be fought. I still have to go shopping for hours on end just to find clothes. I can shop for 3 hours and come out with a shirt or two.

Clothes need to be comfortable! They can be such a distraction from other important things (like learning). Once clothing is taken care of it is a lot easier to deal with things like excess noise.

Spend time with your son. Ask him what kind of socks etc. he likes and try to get that kind. It can be time consuming, but it helps so much!

On a different note, I still ask my mom for hugs. If I look frustrated she offers them, she respects what I say. If I say "no" she won't. I feel that even something this simple helps our relationship grow.

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