Mum to child with SPD

by Paula

my son, now aged 7 has SPD and Aspergers. His sensory issues have always been there but now we understand them they are explainable at least. Toilet and continence issues have always been an issue and now we deal with this by not making a fuss about it and show him ways he can self manage, however I have noticed with any even subtle change he will have a reaction.

Going into year three has been hard these last two weeks. The teachers have ramped up his homework, the classes are different and he now has 5 teachers instead of one!

This week I have seen two wet beds and six pairs of soiled underpants as a result of his sensory overload and subsequent raised stress levels. I know life is full of change but as a parent just watching his reaction makes me feel helpless sometimes and inadequate.

He is now starting to ask me questions about why he likes confined spaces and to jam himself against the cold radiator each night,. As he is so clever I have explained the biology about the human brain in the hope he can internalise this.

However as a parent I really wish there were more videos like what's up with nick that are brief yet easy to understand for him to watch or even a book that looks like a beano mag or something for him and my nephew to read.

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