My 10 year old

I believe it's real. My now 10 year old has always had problems. I guess the first thing I noticed was different was when she was 6 months old, she would gag on her baby food and throw up. She never wanted a pacifier. She would cry if a toy played music and was very cautious at a year old at going down the one step out to the porch. She still won't eat gummy candy, crunchy hard candy like sweet tarts, gum or raw veggies. I am glad about the candy though. :)

At around 4 years old she started complaining about the seams in her socks and the tags in clothing. Even the scratchy waistband in her underwear. Thank goodness for seamless socks and Hane's comfort band undies.

She hates stairs, escalators, and climbing. She is afraid of heights and it took her until she was 9 to learn to ride a bike with no training wheels.

Her 1st grade teacher tried to diagnose her with aspergers. I knew it wasn't that so didn't allow her "opinion" to be recorded as fact.
I read tons on Aspergers but always thought, well, my daughter has these things (sensory) but not the other symptoms of Aspergers.
She is very intelligent and is a well behaved child.

I am glad to finally learn of SPD.

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