My 16 month old son-sensory disorder or autism?

Well I will try to make this as short as possible. we noticed at 12 months something just wasn't right. He is 16 mos. now and does not point, wave bye bye, say any words etc. He does on the other hand interact with us. He will smile, makes excellent eye contact, etc. he does not play correctly with toys, and he will not play with a toy with us, he will take the toy and hoard it from us. he also hoards dirty dishes and laundry and if we try to take anything off of him he freaks out!

He has terribly violent tantrums and has all his life. he used to say mmmm good and kitty kitty but he just stopped saying it about 7 months ago. He cannot tell us what he wants, does not listen to basic command such as pick up the ball or NO. He only responds to his name sometimes. when he is tantruming he acts as if he wants us to pick him up but then he pushes off of us and goes right back down. he arches his back,rubs his head on the carpet and will bang the BACK of his head off of things.

He hates socks but we are slowly weaning them on him. When he is tantruming, we cannot soothe him at all and he will start pulling at the elastic on his pants. he also prefers long sleeves and will hold them in his hands and rub them. He has many other quirks as well, but these are the main ones i can think of right now. He does not like to be cuddled, knows how to kiss but will rarely do it. He currently gets speech and occupational therapy. He also is TERRIBLE with transitions. Thanks!

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Nov 08, 2009
Start early intervention
by: Dawn

Your story sounds like so many I've heard. My son was similar to what you are describing. You need to have him formally evaluated by your local Infant and Toddler program. You should be able to find them through the local school system. It is free and should include in home guidance (speech/occupational therapy) and possibly one on one classes. I agree with the previous post that PECS (picture exchange) is invaluable. Keep your verbal commands very simple. Start using some basic sign language as well. I found that helpful until my son's speech started to emerge.

Good luck. Stay strong!

Oct 22, 2009
My 20 month old son.
by: Anonymous

Your son reminds me so much of mine. We live in Canada and they thought he had autism. We just recently discovered that it is not autism it is a sensory disorder. They held a meeting with the developmental team and they diagnosed him with this. Just hang in there and it will come to you.

Sep 27, 2009
My 16 month old son-sensory disorder or autism
by: Anonymous


I don't know where you live but if it's the USA I'd get the Intermediate unit to test him.
There is a certain delay so call and even ask in writing.

Every state has a 0 to 3 yrs program and he will get services speech therapy, Occupational therapy, physical therapy. You also need to try and set up an appointment with a developmental pediatrician.

My son is 10 yrs old and has autism and spd.

Before 18 months, he'd point, had some language, but was a very fussy baby colicky and would hardly sleep. At 18 months, he changed no longer connected to us lost language. Would wander off, seemed to not respond to his name.
Later he could not transition.

If your son is like mine he needs to know what comes next and a verbal world is too challenging. If you are trying to transition him from home to go in the car and he has a hard time. He needs to have a picture schedule and he needs to get a mode of communication.
"Picture Exchange Communication System"
and the Intermediate unit can help. You also need to get a few books. "Children with autism"
by Michael D. Powers. It will help you. If you need more guidance just tell me and I can email you more information.

Hang in there!
I hope this helps.

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