My 19 month old will not eat solids

by Donald
(Norton, OH )

My 19-20 month old daughter will not eat solids. She will only eat Gerber stage 2 foods and is picky on which ones. She does whole milk and we add simply thick nectar to the bottles. We try to give her different types of solid foods, but she will not put them in her mouth. She picks them up and throws them almost instantly. She has had a swallow test done and everything came back fine. Nothing structurally wrong. What can we do to get her eating solid foods?

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Apr 30, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had this with my son . We winded up putting him into a feeding and swallowing day treatment center in Patterson nj

We waited it out until he was 2 but he still would never eat a solid . It was a 6 week treatment feeding plan with feeding therapy 4 times a day and now he's 31/2 still has issues with certain foods but he I's eating solids pizza pasta eggs ect
I used to thicken up the stage 2 with wheat germ in 1/4 teaspoon increment s very slowly

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