My 2 year old boy is autistic

my 2 year old boy is autistic and my 14 year old has aspergers, tourettes and ocd, they both have many of these symptoms which are typical symptoms of autism .....

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Sep 11, 2012
correlation between neurological disorders
by: Anonymous

Hi mum to two wonderful boys,

thank you for writing on this page, it helps to read about other people in the same situation.

i would be very interested to hear more about your two boys and their traits.

I've got mild cerebral palsy, where only my legs are affected (also a neurological disorder).

I've also got tendencies to OCD and subjects i really like to explore, with an intensity that is kind of autistic, but when you don't have a diagnosis, you just have a "professor-personality";-)

I've also got synaesthesia which your boy with autism most likely has too. I've always wanted to talk to other people, and see how they might percieve and experience this.

I also train handicapped children like your son with autism, with the Doman-method. We could exchange a lot of knowledge.

hope to hear from you.

- A.

Sep 05, 2012
RE: 2 year old boy
by: Anonymous

Hello.I am a mother to a two year old boy from the Philippines. I hope you will understand that the term is "has autism" and not autistic.

Thank you.

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