My 20 months old doesn't talk,walks ocassionally on tippy toes,grinds his teeth while awake and doesn't want to be with other kids,does he have spd?

by Bhawana malik

My 20 months old barely has 8-10 words,recently started walking on tippy toes occasionally,grinding his teeth while awake,restless while sleeping,keeps moving on the bed and doesn't want to play with other kids,tries to stay away from them but does play with older brother who is 5..always listens to his name,is not scared of heights,having good eye contact,does follow small instructions sometimes but not always.plays with his toys but obsessive with cars...i m not sure whats going on as i visited pediatrician recently.he didn't show much concern n wants to see him at2yrs of age but i m still really spd a part of autism always?and how serious spd itself is??

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