My 2y/o daughter doesn't talk, very aggressive & destructive..

Hello out there, well I've been having trouble figuring out just what it is that my daughter is going through. She almost stopped making developmental milestones. She will be 2 in April and she still isn't talking only says "mamama" or "baba" indirectly. She is VERY aggressive towards her father & I mostly, and herself. When asked something as simple as grabbing a certain toy she will get frustrated, cover her face and let out a high pitched scream and not look at me.

We've also had trouble with her sleeping, she refuses naps, won't sleep until 10:30-11ish and will wake up at 2 or 3 and wake back up at 6 or 7 in the morning. She will randomly gouge at my face or her fathers and hits her grandparents, uncle, ect. She covers her face a lot when around other childeren or adults. As her mother I definitely feel there is something wrong here. I am very concerned because her only expressions are to scream, cry, or hit if not all at the same time. Has anyone one else experienced this with their childeren and if so any suggestions? Anything helps. Thank you!

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