My 3 year old son

by Nadeesha EP

My three years old son yelling and screaming and he is not engaging with other kids but he can remember all past things and he can count 1-20 and also he knows A-z and he can sing all the nursery rhymes, and also he is going one day for kindergarten but there is no any complaint from them.

only problem he is screaming and not playing with others. and also he is keep repeating what happened in past than the present things. and also some times he is not-listing carefully he is doing something else when we talking with him. he doesn't have any hearing problem because we checked it.

please advice me does he having any behavioral problem
thank you


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Jul 07, 2015
My grandson may have SPD
by: Anonymous

I have a 3 year old grandson. He is very smart, knows his numbers,colors,letters, uses my Ipad and does amazing things. But, he refuses to be potty trained,jumps up and down constantly,has anger management problems,screams,hits,and wont stop moving. he is thirsty alot, He stears into space for a few seconds like he is hypnotized.

He talks to himself alot. Will watch TV and movies almost all day if you let him. Dislikes alot of foods, he is a very picky eater.I am going to talk to my son and daughter in law about the article I read about SPD , I almost positive that is what is wrong with him. I want them to take him to a Developmental Therapist for an evaluation. good luck with you

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