My 4 year old boy will not eat solids

by Mary
(Miami fl )

I am so desperate my 4 year old boy only drinks pedi assure with cereal and sometimes my mom makes this soup with everything that you can imagine in it and blend it is the only way he will eat but mix with pedi assure in a bottle he refuses to eat with a spoon the only thing he it's with a spoon is a Dora yogurt strawberry I don't know what to do I have to spend a lot of money to keep him in a reasonable weight the doctors say that is a behavior problem I am not so sure about it he is not sleeping well either he wakes up at 4 am and also snores so I don't know what to do like all of you he has done MRI and EEG you name it and nothing they don't give me a clear diagnosis for him please feel free to email me

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Feb 08, 2014
Sounds like SPD to me
by: Dawn

My son had a lot of problems with solid foods and is very funny about trying new foods. He would only eat pureed foods for quite sometime. When I tried to introduce Stage 3 baby food, he would spit out the chunks as soon as he discovered they were in the puree. His pediatrician initially thought I wasn't trying often enough and that it was just a behavioral issue. A friend told me about a program that would evaluate him and through OT, I found out that he had Sensory Issues. He made 2 in November of 2013 and just began to eat solids on a regular basis right around his birthday. He still examines any new foods before eating them, sometimes pulls foods out of his mouth such as the skin on a pea or corn, and will stop eating if food becomes stuck in his teeth or in between his gums and lip.

I think that you should definitely have your son evaluated for SPD.

Feb 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

Find a specialist in your area that KNOWS about SPD and get a consultation. Do a ton of research online and start calling and question their experience with children with SPD.. I went to several doctors/therapists who didnt even know what SPD was.. . I wasted a lot of time and money... Insurance generally doesnt cover the assessment/consultation. I think I paid around $400 . Its worth it. You need to know... You should be able to find someone knowledgeable in your area. Good luck.

Jan 30, 2014
I was forgetting
by: Mary prosperi

He also don't like to be cover with anything he freaks out and clean his face when somebody kisses him in the cheek and wipes his hands obsessively

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