My 4 year old has severe autism and is very unsteady and does odd things, what can i do?

by Katie Barns

My daughter is severely autistic and has massive sensory issues with being touched. She moves about almost like she is drunk, stumbling into things. She is more steady when she is tired strangely but can become too lethargic at this point to be able to ad anything else. She toe walks although this is improving. She's always put objects in her mouth or touched them to her tongue and crammed her mouth full of food like a hamster.

Recently she's started picking things up and tapping them on her chin. She's 4 years old and at nursery. She's due to start school soon and I'm really worried how she will get on. I'd prefer her to be more steady on her feet and stop the tapping. What do you think is causing this and what do you think can be done to stop it or improve it?

Someone suggested getting and occupational therapist on board but they are difficult to get hold of around here and I'm not sure what they would do anyway. Can you help?

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