My 4 year old has this and now I think I do to.

by Jesse
(Hudson Valley, NY, USA)

Growing up I exhibited some of the symptoms from various parts of the above and looking back the signs for both my son and I were right there now that I'm informed. I always thought something was off with me but thought it was just my perception or a learning disorder never diagnosed. Now that my sons in OT or occupational therapy for sensory disorder to deal some but not all his issues I'm learning more about myself but I often wonder and worry what now and what if I had known sooner.

WTF Frankly, I wish I had known let's say back in HS or even before so I could have either been given help to deal with this, the tools and skills. Now I feel I missed out on my life 30+ and it's too late to retake ctbs or regents and or even sat PSAT. Maybe if I had or the school had known I would have been given extra time for tests or help or a way to manage. Any advice for me as an adult to get help.

Back to my son I now worry about his next steps and what is situation might be I hope it will differ from mine. I hope he is given what I wasn't. Right now he is given what we call "squeezies" and meets with OT people both at school and at home. Not sure what they do seems like nothing miner tweaks or adjustments like playing board games to adjust him to take turns, okay but what else can we do can the state or school do more come on NY.

Anyhoo as the days pass I feel like my symptoms get worse and his come to fruition and as father to a son I have to take the burden of trying to figure out and attack each one so that he we can overcome this. Until they find a cause or cure we are essentially living with a handicap that is not medically recognized or fully understood. I feel my perception of myself and reality is skewed and forever changed whoever said " ignorance was bliss was right " with the exception of when it benefits my quality of life and understanding. On side note it never hurts till it's you affected by it, how exactly does this not fall into a form of autism, are they related at all?


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