My 4 year old is acting out in school biting other kids and not wanting to be involved in group activities

by pam hendon

i was a victim of domestic violence during my pregnancy until my son was 3 weeks old i'm scared he was scared and therefore cant cope with stress the way normal kids would i want him to feel normal but in truth he is behind kids his age. he did not learn to talk besides dada mama candy eat until he was 3 years old at which time i took him to speech therapy his doctor said he is a selective mute since then he has gotten better he talks but not at a 4 year old level can the domestic abuse i suffered during and after pregnancy be the cause of him acting out and biting other kids? he also wont participate in group activities he stays by himself he yells at his teacher and has even hit her. he is very loved at home spoiled actually also we lost his grandmother when he was 1 years old they were very close does this factor in? any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated

thank you,
a very worried mother

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