My 4 year old son with SPD has NEVER told me he has to go potty

by Amy
(Round Rock, TX)

I really need help. My son wears a pullup and urinates on the toilet when we use a timer. When the timer goes off we take him and he urinates. The pullup will still be wet. I've set the timer for just 5 minutes and still he's wet.

He has never told me he has to use the toilet. He also refuses to poop on the toilet. I've encouraged him through telling him when he feels he has to pee to run into the bathroom and go but it's as if he doesn't comprehend what that means.

His OT has given me tips like putting him in regular underwear with the timer and he still wets them. Using candy as a reward. He'll do it, that's not the problem, he doesn't understand how to do this independently. Any tips would help. Please.

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