My 40 yr. old daughter refused to get dressed

by Mary

My daughter is 40 with a mental age of 2-3 yrs. she has Cerebral Palsy and Profound Mental Retardation. She does not talk and is taking Clonazepam and Zoloft.

About a month ago until now, she refused to get dressed and just wears diapers. We're on vacation in another country and psychiatrist in our area refused to do house calls. We could not take her out of the house almost naked so mostly she stays inside the room. We're having problems on how we could force her to get dressed to board the plane to return there..This was triggered by the air conditioner not working on our first night. It was so hot. She then refused to wear anything until now. I think she is trying to manipulate us as she enjoys our attention.

If I step out of the room, she would wet her diapers, sometimes shreds them to pieces or would wash it in the sink. At her day care, she also does the same thing. Take off her blouse and wash it in the sink.

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