My 5 year boy... teachers reviews

Just heard from my boy's kindergarten teacher that they 're concern that my son might have this prosprioceptive sensory disorder, they're not 100% sure yet but some symtoms are quitely visible.

* walk by stumping his foot (the class floor is wooden floor), but at home I never see this happens, we have tiles.

* teachers asked him to throw balls to a bucket with certain distant, at the end he came close to the bucket and put the balls in it.

* sometimes accidentally pushed his friend in class

Other than those, writing is a no go for him, he just dont like holding pencil or crayons, but he likes markers, he can draw with it without pushing the marker so hard against the paper.. just like any other kid.

Jumping, running, he likes it so much! But i also noticed like when we walk around a mall, he sometimes got tripped by his own feet, I would say 50% of the time there must be 1 to 4 times that he got tripped..

Is this an issue? Please do en lighten me with some thoughts... if possible I can be reached at

Thank you so much, I appreciated.

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