My 5 year old daughter does not know how to chew

by Marie Mahoney
(United Kingdom)

My 5 year old daughter is a twin but has mild autism, sensory neural deafness, global development delay and sensory intergration issues. However her appetite for food is great, she has an excellent pallet and enjoys strong tasting food. However due to all of the above complexities she has never done the hand to mouth activities that children do up until their 18months old. Now her brain has parked the information she needs to know how to tell her to chew her food. There are no reflux or gagging issues. But all of her food has to be mashed.

Unless she can roll the food upto the curve of her mouth and enough saliva/or liquid is in her food then she cannot swallow, Any lumps pr hard food is spat out. All hard food and meat is currently blended like baby food.
Not sure what do next as children like my daughter are struggling for help as their is limited expertise in the UK. Unless privately funded and then there is a long waiting list. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated as I am at the end of the road as to what do next.

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